2017 the latest poverty alleviation policy

2017 what is the latest poverty alleviation policy? What is the specific content? The following is learned from Xiaobian to 2017.

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Implementation plan for poverty alleviation

[1] the implementation plan for poverty alleviation is based on the implementation of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government.

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2016 central poverty alleviation policy

One: 2016 the central poverty alleviation policy central poverty alleviation and development conference was called in Beijing in from November 27 to 28, 2015.

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Thinking of precise poverty alleviation work (two)

In order to build a well-off society in an all-round way, comprehensively deepen reform, comprehensively govern the county according to law, and strictly govern the party in an all-round way,

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Precise policy to help the poor

In order to conscientiously implement the central, provincial and municipal work on precise poverty alleviation, we should organize and implement it well.

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The latest policy of agriculture, rural areas and farmers in 2017

Focusing on the issues concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers, the Fourteenth Central Document No. 1, the CPC Central Committee, has been guiding the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers since the beginning of the new century.

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2017 main policy measures of central finance in supporting agriculture

In 2017, the central government's main policy measures for supporting agriculture were in accordance with the central rural work conference and the Central Document No. 1.

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