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YG电竞 new farmers YG电竞 Polytron Technologies Inc ( woyaoxunpai.com In 2014, it was formally established, and entered the new material innovation park in Southern China (National Science and technology business incubator). In 2016, it was awarded the qualification of national high-tech enterprises. Now it has entered the stock transfer counseling stage, and the new third board has been listed in 2017. The stock code is 872242.

The company is not only the promoter of China's traditional agriculture, but also the pioneer of intelligent agriculture. The company is committed to promoting the transformation and development of traditional agriculture through YG电竞 high-tech, advanced business models and innovative ideas by means of the production mode of green ecology and safe and healthy business philosophy, and realizes the goal of modern intelligent agriculture integrating ecological, digital and automation.

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Brand story

Brand story

New green space -- new agriculture, green life

We are a green YG电竞 product marketing chain. Based on the multiple dimensions of morality, responsibility and sustainable development, we are trying to improve and reduce the harm of toxic chemicals to the life and nature of human beings. Let the natural, healthy, nutritious, delicious food return to your life and bring you and your family health and safety.

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