YG电竞智能 agriculture

  • cloud computing

  • Internet

  • Intellectualization

  • Internet of things

  • Big data

  • Biotechnology

  • YG电竞智能 machinery

  • Many leading technologies

YG电竞智能 agriculture is to make full use of modern information technology, including cloud computing, Internet, intelligence, Internet of things, big data, biotechnology, intelligent machinery, modern communication technology and other advanced technologies. Through comprehensive application, traditional agriculture and modern agriculture can achieve more intelligent, precise and automated from source to end, and build up a complete system. The YG电竞 ecosystem enhances the competitiveness of YG电竞 products, and sustainable development creates a better future for the YG电竞 environment. Wisdom agriculture includes YG电竞 information technology, YG电竞 biotechnology, YG电竞 intelligence, YG电竞 machinery and so on. The core technology of new farmer shares in intelligent agriculture includes modern YG电竞 information technology, modern farming technology, YG电竞 products deep processing technology, YG电竞 biotechnology, YG电竞 production automation and intelligent technology, etc., and has provided intelligent YG电竞 technology for nearly 1000 YG电竞 enterprises to solve the whole case.

Modern YG电竞 information technology

  • Agricultural big data cloud platform

  • Agricultural product safety traceability platform

  • B2B/B2C e-commerce platform

  • 20 patents and software copyright

Through the YG电竞 information system technology platform, we can effectively open up the channels of YG电竞 products channels, integrate and optimize all links of the YG电竞 industrial chain effectively, and finally pull the whole industrial chain of agriculture. Wei
New farmers share YG电竞 information technology, including YG电竞 big data cloud platform, YG电竞 supply chain cloud platform, YG电竞 product safety traceability platform, high-quality YG电竞 products B2B/B2C electronic business platform, and more than 20 patents and software copyright.

  • Real time query platform for electronic weighing instrument data

  • Electronic weighing instrument information collection real time backup system

  • Copyright of computer electronic weighing apparatus 20150413

  • Copyright in computer supply chain 20150414

  • Order processing system for YG电竞 products

  • Distributed multi store sales system for YG电竞 products 20151226

  • Distributed sales management system for YG电竞 products

  • Agricultural product supply chain customer relationship management system 20151226

  • Basic information management system for YG电竞 products 20151226

  • Agricultural product basic information coordination management system

  • Agricultural products purchase, sale, storage and distribution system

  • Precision order management system for YG电竞 products 20151226

  • Agricultural product customer relationship management system

  • Data real-time query platform 20151226

  • New farmer's YG电竞 products warehouse system 2017

  • New farmer's base management of YG电竞 products 20160518

  • New farmer's farm produce distribution system 2017

  • New farmer's traceability system for YG电竞 products 2017

  • New farmers APP20160512 sales of YG电竞 products

  • New farmer information release system 20160512

  • Information Delivery

  • Modern breeding techniques

  • Deep processing technology

  • Agricultural Biotechnology

  • Automation + Intelligence

Modern species breeding technology, deep processing technology, YG电竞 biotechnology, YG电竞 production automation intelligent technology polymerization and upgrading.

It includes four breeding techniques, meat quality improvement technology, feed fermentation technology, microbial feed addition technology, water environment improvement technology, livestock breeding technology, feed addition technology, etc.
Through the cooperation of industry, University and research projects, we should make full use of the R & D strength and technological achievements of universities such as South China Agricultural University, South China University of Technology and South China Normal University to carry out technology transformation and project incubation, and ultimately land economic value and market value.