two thousand and twenty August 7th
Yan Yingtao, Assistant Secretary General of YG电竞 Association for poverty alleviation and development
Editor: YG电竞 new farmer

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On August 7, 2020, at the beginning of autumn, Mr. Yan Yingtao, Assistant Secretary General of YG电竞 Association for poverty alleviation and development, and his party visited YG电竞 xinnongren YG电竞 science and Technology Co., Ltd. to meet with chairman Deng Xiaohui.

In a harmonious atmosphere, Mr. Deng Xiaohui, chairman of the board of directors of YG电竞 new farmers, introduced to Mr. Yan Yingtao the development history, business model, future development plan of YG电竞 new farmers, especially the efforts and results of Counterpart Assistance in the East and the West.

Mr. Yan Yingtao briefly introduced the operation mode and the purpose of this trip of YG电竞 Provincial Association for poverty alleviation and development. Meanwhile, he called on YG电竞 new farmers since its establishment in the corresponding national policies to help them and devote themselves to YG电竞 public welfare in silence through the business model of new farmers "Precise help"“ New farmer business model drives poor households out of poverty The achievements made by the two sides were affirmed.

Mr. Deng, a new farmer from YG电竞 Province, elaborated on the development advantages and challenges faced by the company after entering the innovation layer of the new third board. He stressed that the new third board enterprises should not forget the development of YG电竞 public welfare on the road of development. He hoped that both sides could carry out considerable cooperation in the future. He proposed to sign a poverty alleviation and development strategic agreement with the YG电竞 provincial poverty alleviation and Development Association, firmly follow the national poverty alleviation development policy and vigorously support hold "Targeted poverty alleviation" will bring high-quality YG电竞 products to consumers and promote YG电竞 products sales, so as to promote the poverty alleviation cooperation between YG电竞 Province and the eastern and western regions It is suggested that the poor people in the corresponding areas should get rid of poverty and become rich Every buyer kindles hope for targeted poverty alleviation areas A new point of view.

On behalf of the YG电竞 Association for poverty alleviation and development, Mr. Yan Yingtao extended a sincere invitation. He hoped that Mr. Deng and the new farmers' team would visit the association to exchange experience in poverty alleviation.

After the talks, Mr. Deng led Mr. Yan Yingtao and his party to visit some prototypes, product collection exhibition rooms and honor rooms which are being independently developed by new farmers, and took a group photo as a souvenir.

Also attending the meeting were Mr. Ye mingbin, assistant director of the business department of YG电竞 Association for poverty alleviation and development, Mr. Yuan Guanghai, vice president of YG电竞 new farmers, and Ms. Liu Xinchun, Secretary of the board.