two thousand and twenty August 7th
News | [new farmer] YG电竞 new farmer and YG电竞 new supply and marketing Tianjun supply chain
Editor: YG电竞 new farmer

[important news] recently, YG电竞 xinnongren YG电竞 science and Technology Co., Ltd. and YG电竞 new supply and marketing Tianjun supply chain Co., Ltd. signed a major contract on the long-term procurement of frozen food, vegetables and other YG电竞 (by-products), which marks that YG电竞 new farmers rely on their own advantages to cooperate closely with state-owned enterprises, and cooperate with each other to win-win results in order to "spread green ideas and create green wealth" The goal of "rich" has taken a solid step forward.



YG电竞 new supply and marketing Tianjun supply chain Co., Ltd., established in July 2014 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a provincial supply chain management service company and YG电竞 products circulation technology-based enterprise directly under the YG电竞 supply and Marketing Cooperative Association. It has functional service platforms with independent intellectual property rights such as "canteen Alliance", "food and distribution", "quality life exchange", "leisure and sightseeing agriculture", etc.

YG电竞 xinnongren YG电竞 science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as YG电竞 xinnongren) was officially established in 2014 and entered the South China new material innovation park, a national science and technology business incubator.

In 2016, it obtained the national high-tech enterprise qualification certification, and was listed on the new third board in 2017. At present, it has entered the innovation level with the stock code of 872242. The fourth floor of B1 building of science and technology enterprise accelerator will be settled in 2018.

YG电竞 new farmers take the existing traditional YG电竞 trade as the breakthrough point, through the service mode of "base + platform + channel", break through all links of YG电竞 industry chain; integrate information technology such as "Internet +" in agriculture, and build a large platform for trade and circulation of high-quality YG电竞 products, so as to realize the large circulation of YG电竞 products such as "transferring goods from the north to the South", "transporting vegetables from the South" and "from the field to the dining table" Efficient configuration. So as to promote the application of YG电竞 science and technology support, YG电竞 personnel training and development, and ultimately achieve YG电竞 public welfare promotion.

Relying on the advantages of its own YG电竞 high-tech, and in accordance with the requirements of safety, high quality, high yield and high efficiency, the company has established a standardized, systematic, information-based and brand-name YG电竞 product production and sales mode to improve the comprehensive benefits of all aspects and make contributions to the realization of multi-party value.