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The National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Xuwen County of YG电竞 Province -- a new pattern of pineapple industrialization development
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Ni Guoliang, a native of Xuwen from 1926, planted the first pineapple in the village of Yu Gong Lou, extending to the whole county from the area of Yu Gong building, and even across the county level. Pineapple planting in Xuwen County, Zhanjiang City, YG电竞 Province, has had a history of nearly a century.

On the basis of nearly 100 years of development, Xuwen County in recent years has established functional blocks such as production, processing, circulation, R & D, and industrial integration through the establishment of the national modern YG电竞 industrial park. On the basis of large-scale planting, it has gathered factors of production, innovated institutional mechanisms, developed facilities agriculture, intensive processing and modern marketing, and promoted the specialization of new YG电竞 operators and farmers. Standardization and intensive production have promoted the upgrading of the whole YG电竞 sector and the value added of the whole chain. At present, the industrial park has formed a six - in one Pineapple development pattern: "excellent planting + complementary circulation + promoting technology + strong brand + heavy protection". The pineapple planting area is 236 thousand mu, the output value of pineapple industry is 4 billion 466 million yuan, the annual processing output value reaches 3 billion 80 million yuan, and the annual income of farmers in the park reaches 23 thousand and 800 yuan.

   Green planting and high quality production

"Excellent planting is the foundation for the development of high quality industry, and also an important point of our industrial park construction." Wu Kangxiu, deputy secretary of the county Party committee and county magistrate, said that in the promotion of pineapple planting, the industrial park mainly explored and practiced several aspects, such as adjusting varieties, improving planting methods, strengthening information support and green development.

In order to adjust and optimize the structure of pineapple planting, the industrial park has established 13 pineapple standardization planting demonstration bases, and has purified and rejuvenated a large variety of "Bali". It has promoted fine varieties such as "Golden Pineapple", "God bay pineapple", "Honey pineapple", "golden drill pineapple", "hand ripped pineapple" and "watermelon and Phoenix pear". It has enriched the variety of Xuwen pineapple, and has increased the planting area of the new variety 12 thousand. Mu.

"The modernization of agriculture is inseparable from the support of modern science and technology." Huang Jiatuan, director of the YG电竞 and rural Bureau of the county, said that during the establishment of the industrial park, a pineapple seedling breeding base was built through substantial cooperation with the scientific research institutions, and the technology of cold chain, detection and pineapple planting, flower forcing, harvesting and sorting were developed. At the same time, a digital pineapple field planting information platform and a field monitoring platform were developed to guide the new YG电竞 operators to actively utilize modern information such as Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet, and mainly promote water-saving irrigation technology, water and fertilizer integration technology and plastic film mulching technology, which greatly improved the planting technology level and the efficiency of operational planning prediction.

In order to raise the level of green development of agriculture, the industrial park has improved 30 thousand mu of land, constructed 80 thousand acres of water and fertilizer integration, realized 35% of water saving and 30% of fertilizer saving, and built 5 demonstration bases of "livestock biogas fruit" resources recycling ecological cycle. "We also strictly enforce the supervision system of inputs to achieve full coverage of green prevention and control. Since the establishment of the system, the amount of fertilizers and pesticides has been reduced by 5%." Huang said that the farm products have basically achieved production standardization, brand management and quality traceability, and the pass rate of quality and safety has reached 100%.

   Cluster processing brand marketing

Zhanjiang Huahuang food company, located in the Xuwen eco industrial agglomeration area, is a specialized YG电竞 product processing enterprise specializing in the manufacture and sale of jam, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, canned fruits and vegetables, food fillings, frozen fruits and vegetables and other food or food ingredients. It can produce 10 thousand tons of canned food and 8000 tons of jam products annually.

The industrial cluster with leading enterprises such as Hua Huang food and Tongda juice is the result of developing the processing industry on the basis of optimized planting. "We have built a demonstration farm for YG电竞 products processing at the provincial level, and the processing capacity of pineapple from the industrial park has increased from 100 thousand tons before the establishment to 220 thousand tons now. The initial processing conversion rate of YG电竞 products reaches 80.3%, and the ratio between the output value of YG电竞 products processing industry and the gross output value of agriculture is 3.02: 1."

In promoting pineapple processing capacity expansion and upgrading, the industrial park has expanded pineapple processing products by supporting importing enterprises to introduce advanced processing technology, forming a pineapple processing cluster including 18 enterprises. Pineapple processing products from the original single canned to pineapple juice, pineapple dry series, pineapple jam, pineapple enzyme, pineapple wine and other products.

At the same time, aiming at the imperfect market system of pineapple industry in Xuwen, the Industrial Park innovates the "12221" marketing mode. This mode is to launch a pineapple big data system, guide production and sales with big data, set up two teams in the sales area and cultivate brokers in the producing area; expand the two major markets in the sales area and the production area; plan two activities of "buyers entering Xuwen" and "Xuwen pineapple entering the big market"; and achieve brand building, sales promotion, market guidance, variety improvement, and agriculture. People get rich and so on. Driven by this mode, Xuwen's pineapple production and marketing were flourishing in 2019, the total output value of fresh fruit was about 1 billion 500 million yuan, and the Qu Yuan town located in the industrial park location only increased 925 million yuan in the postal bank's household deposits.

In addition, the industrial park has also deepened the integration of agriculture and tourism. It has formed the main industry of YG电竞 , the most beautiful farmland of the "pineapple sea", and the experience of the YG电竞 industry cluster of the sightseeing experience of the village of Yu Gong, pineapple, the tourism garden of the pineapple, the Longmen village, the Red Star Garden complex, the YG电竞 reclamation Park and the tea theme park.

   Strengthening services and increasing farmers' income

The fundamental purpose of the construction of industrial parks is to increase the income of farmers. To achieve this goal, we need to continuously strengthen the service guarantee and create a good environment for the common development of all kinds of business entities. Deputy county magistrate Li Yi said that since the establishment of the industrial park, farmers training in pineapple planting, management and management has been continuously strengthened. Following the construction of the university students' electricity business start-up Industrial Park and the Xuwen post electricity supplier Industrial Park in 2017, in 2019, it was built into the Yugong Pavilion, the pineapple origin, the direct selling electricity supplier Industrial Park, the Xuwen pineapple post cross border electricity supplier Industrial Park, and the cooperation with Beijing Mu Tian company to increase pineapple electricity. Promotion of sub business.

At present, the industrial park has nurtured 538 new business entities, including 124 farmers' professional cooperatives, which have led to 30 thousand households and 102 thousand employment. This has effectively promoted the cooperation mode, joint-stock system and order agriculture.

On the promotion of new varieties, in order to solve the problem that growers do not want to try, dare not try and have no money to try, the industrial park has launched a series of problems, such as "I sprout, you go out of the field"; "I will teach you to grow seeds, and I will collect them", through the farmer cooperatives of Nuo Xiang Garden in Xuwen county.

It is worth mentioning that the industrial park has introduced "Xuwen pineapple loan" discount project implementation plan "Xuwen pineapple insurance implementation plan", "Xuwen county financial support" support agriculture financing implementation plan, arranges the financial fund 22 million 650 thousand yuan to use for the risk compensation, the loan interest, increases the entire county pineapple standardization planting, the circulation, the initial processing, the deep processing and so on industrial chain. The support of the bar effectively leveraged bank loans of more than 140 million yuan. In addition, it pioneered pineapple output value insurance, covering a wide range of YG电竞 insurance, and through the optimization of variety structure, efficient docking of production and marketing, online and offline collaboration, the integration of tourism and tourism, quantitative discount and stock dividends, so that farmers' income channels are more diversified and the source of income is more secure.


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