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Liaoning Kuandian three Dao River Korean Folk Custom Village
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The three Dao River Korean folk holiday village is located at the junction of the Sino Korean border and the two provinces of Liao and Ji and the three cities of Dandong, Ji'an and Benxi. The dew river has turned third corners here, hence the name three rivers. This is close to the Dan Ji highway, which is a must for Chinese and foreign tourists to go to the world cultural heritage, Ji'an, Wangcheng and Huanren, five women's hills. The three river is a small mountain village with Taiji pattern, surrounded by water and beautiful scenery. In spring, the golden mountains are full of hills, and the rice is fragrant in the autumn. Residents are Korean, they live along the river, in front of the green paddy field, behind the house is murmuring water. They came here from the Korean Peninsula 100 years ago. Until today, they still maintain good traditions and customs of singing, dancing, hospitality, Zun Lao teaching and tidiness. It is the most complete village in Liaoning area where traditional folk culture and folk customs are retained.


Cake Festival In the early April of the lunar calendar 8, after the spring ploughing, the villagers set the day as the cake festival. On this day, the villagers sang and danced, praying for a year of good weather and good harvest. Cake is one of the most famous cuisines of the Korean nationality. It is commonly known as "Korea cake". Every festival, wedding and funeral, and other important activities, it is necessary to make cakes. Sticky rice steamed in a special steamed cylinder of Korean nationality, sometimes with red adzuki beans, placed on a big stone slab, two strong men, throwing away their arms and branching wooden hammers, you shouting at me shouting at the top of the table, women and children dressed in gorgeous holiday costumes, singing and dancing together until the sweet smelling cakes.

[Dragon Boat Festival] The 5 of the early May of the lunar calendar is commonly known as "the mid day festival", after the Spring Festival. In this festival, men, women, old and young are gathered in holiday costumes, holding various forms of entertainment and sports activities. Women swing and wear needlework. Men can wrestle and play football. There are many forms. After the entertainment activities, various entertainment activities were held, drinking, singing and dancing, enjoying the festival.

Elm Noodle Festival The 18 lunar calendar May is the elm festival of the Three River Korean folk village. The elm is a mixture of corn flour and elm skin. The noodles pressed out by the ancient Korean press tools are thin and long. The soup is made from Korea spicy cabbage and a bowl. Only a clear and refreshing mountain breath is found. The villagers sang, danced, drank, and held various forms of folk festivals.

[Su Zi soup Festival] The 6 of the lunar calendar in early June is the souzi soup festival of the Three River Korean folk custom village. Su Zi soup was invented by villagers of the Korean nationality in san dao he. Grind the perilla seed, soya bean and sesame seeds, boil the soup, add the sticky rice made of pimple, put it in the spring water cool, sweet and refreshing, and avoid the heat. In the festival of Su Zi soup, the villagers held a large song and dance performance, drank the soup of Su Zi, and celebrated the festival.

[combs] 15 June of the lunar calendar is regarded as a lucky day. This day, women wash and brush in the east stream. They are meant to wash away their sins and diseases, purify their souls, and keep their body and mind healthy. Women in groups, dressed in gorgeous Korean dresses, and long hair and humming songs in the clear bottomed River, are a beautiful scenery in primitive primitive folklore villages.

[self brewed rice wine] The Korean people have an indissoluble bond with wine. Rice wine is eaten throughout the year and guests are served at festivals. Rice wine is an essential drink. Local rice wine called it "Ma GA Li". Rice wine is made from glutinous rice, and its manufacturing process is complex and demanding.

Rice wine can regulate blood circulation and promote metabolism. It has the functions of enriching blood, nourishing the face, relaxing the muscles, activating the body, strengthening body health and prolonging life.

The folk custom village brewed rice wine uses the pure green and pollution-free raw material in the mountain, which is original and original, fragrant and pure, and suitable for the old and the young.