Two thousand and seventeen December 19th
The pastoral new peasant welcomes the eight party customers: Qianxi rural tourism with rich villagers
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Relying on Guizhou Guizhou expressway, Tsuen village has set up a tourist attraction with leisure entertainment and tourism as a whole.


The ancient elephant shrine on Ling Boshan makes visitors feel the philosophy and warmth of Ming Dynasty great Confucian Mr. Wang Yangming's masterpiece "elephant Temple".


The ancient city of Shui Xi, which combines national culture display, leisure experience and entertainment.


The residential buildings of Haizi village in Linquan town are characterized by "small green tiles, sloping roofs, dipper shops, carved windows, corner buildings, courtyard houses, red pillars and white powder walls".

Every weekend, the small and large farmhouse in every village of Qianxi county becomes a favorite place for the townspeople. They smell flowers, eat fruits and vegetables, live in homestay, and enjoy pure tea. "Tourism" has been extended to the field of precision poverty alleviation. Tourism poverty alleviation has gradually become a new driving force for Qianxi's accurate poverty alleviation.

Haizi village in Linquan Town, with the integration of new countryside and rural tourism, makes pastoral scenery, takes the eco-tourism route, keeps tourists beautiful, keeps visitors homesick, activates industries with rural tourism, and introduces Chang Jin YG电竞 company to build characteristic YG电竞 industry demonstration base, which has effectively promoted the rapid development of rural tourism industry. Many of the masses have changed from traditional farmers to investors, businessmen and workers.

Driving from the county seat to the southeast for more than 20 minutes, it can reach the name of "Hai Xi Zi", known as the "Water West Pearl". It is named after Bijie's largest karst freshwater lake, "Tai Hai Zi". It attracts many people to come sightseeing while playing the role of "traveling rice".

"Da Haizi village is a village dominated by Bai people and Buyi people. It is simple and honest, and it was closed and backward like many villages before." Li Guanghui, a Green Township cadre, said that in recent years, with the help of all parties, about 30000000 yuan has been invested in the construction of infrastructure, dilapidated houses in rural areas, and "four in the beautiful countryside of farmlands". Now the village's transportation, environment and the mental outlook of villagers have undergone tremendous changes, which are truly "match" with the beautiful scenery.

It has a traffic hub in eastern Qianxi, a commercial and commercial hub and a "dry dock". Relying on human resources, such as the ancient pine and cypress scenic area of Zijin Mountain, the "June six" festival of Buyi people, they are trying to build a characteristic tourist town with "transportation hub type", "business distribution type" and "green ecological type".

Walking into the flood town liberation Village, the first feeling for people is mountain green, clear water, sky blue, fresh air, unique houses, everywhere green tiles, white wooden walls, wooden flowers windows, scattered houses in Guizhou, decorated with green hills and green water, willows along the river, winding along the river, showing the shape of eight diagrams. It's like visiting in a beautiful pastoral landscape.

The mountain circle is surrounded by water. The lake of Zhi GA Aru, known as the ancient Yi River, has an area of more than 80 square kilometers. It is the largest lake in Guizhou. The gorge of Pinghu is very attractive.

The Dongfeng Lake, with its beautiful scenery and landscape, is a beautiful combination of unique scenery and original flavor.

The magnificent and beautiful sufong lake makes the magnificent and Canyon scenery beautiful. It is a unique cultural landscape in eastern Qianxi.

In the ancient temple of Ling Boshan, visitors can feel the philosophy and warmth of Wang Yangming, the great scholar of Ming Dynasty.

Since 12th Five-Year, relying on abundant resource advantages, good location advantages and the implementation of the strategy of "tourism living county", Qianxi has successively built a group of villages with natural harmony, natural ecological integrity, landscape dependence, and elegant environment, integrating agro ecological sightseeing, leisure vacation, fitness and entertainment as a whole. In addition, the rural tourist attractions, such as Linquan Haizi, Yu duo Hua, XieHua Jia and Zhong Jian Ying pan, are being developed with meticulous features.