Two thousand and seventeen No. 09 October
The original village of Shui Nationality -- Gu Lu Zhai
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Ku Lu Zhai water family close to the egg cliff

When God sees the world, he knows not how many winds and rain he watches. This is a poem by Liang Heng, a member of the Chinese Writers Association, who visited Guizhou after the visit to Guru cliff.

The Ku Shui Zhai Autonomous County of Guizhou's SDU Shui Autonomous County, located near the egg cliff, is home to more than 100 aquarium families. It is a typical aquarium village in SDU Shui Autonomous County. It has a complete protection, rich style, beautiful scenery, and everywhere highlights the aquarium culture. The villagers believe in the stone gods, hoping that the stones on the mountain will lay more eggs and bring good luck to the villagers.


Distinctive aquarium dwellings

To see the egg laying on the egg cliff of Sadu Gu Lu is a yearning for more than 70 aquarium men and women dressed in costumes and holding nine pairs of wine, singing the song of toasting at the gate of the gate, playing the Lusheng and trombone performing ethnic customs, changing the aquatic costume to experience the mysterious worship ceremony of the Shui nationality, etc., will also make you linger on.


Guru Zhai egg cliff national AAA tourist attractions entrance

Guru cliff is located in Guizhou province Sandu Shui Autonomous County, three Town, guru village, 8 kilometers away from the county seat. On the back of the guru village, there are Dushan mountain, beautiful and exotic, green and luxuriant, old trees whirling, and bare cliff rock on the mountainside. The cliff is more than 20 meters long, 6 meters high, and its surface is convex and uneven. Those hard rock eggs are embedded in the loose cliff and quietly "breed" and "produce". Shi Dan, some of them are mature enough to be separated from the mountain. Cliff will produce some stone eggs every 30 years, and the local people used to call it "egg laying cliff".


Egg laying cliff


The Shui nationality girl is looking at the stone eggs that have entered the preterm period.

In August 2010, the guru egg cliff tourist area of the three Prefecture was assessed as a national AAA tourist attraction. The traditional and mysterious aquarium culture integrates the beautiful hills, strange stones and Lishui of guru village. This national tourist attraction makes many tourists linger on.


Guru Zhai welcome door

In addition to the guru cliff national tourist attraction, the guru village is also attracted to tourists from all over the world through its unique traditional culture. In 2010, the SAM Du Shui autonomous county organized the aquarium Cultural Tourism Festival of "mysterious aquarium glamour three cities". Through hundreds of media at home and abroad, the unique scenery and culture of the guru village and other aquarium villages were displayed in front of the world.

Generally speaking, the residential buildings in the Shui nationality area are built on the side of the mountain, and are seldom built on the hillside. The village is surrounded by bamboo and wood, forming a forest surrounded by bamboo and pine trees. The environment of the fish pond is full of villages. In the Shui nationality area, there is a saying: "we need to repair the house and repair the pond first; if we can feed fish, we can do two fire fighting." Therefore, it is known as "a beautiful place like phoenix feather". The size and size of the village should be determined according to the topography and the area of the surrounding fields. It has large and small, but few households are dozens of households, or even hundreds of households, housing is "bar column" wooden structure.


The pastoral scenery of Shui Nationality

In the aquarium residence, the "pole bar" type hanging tower is in fact determined by the needs of topography and life. Most of the aquarium people live in green hills, rivers, forests, and grain. The SDU Shui Autonomous County is one of the ten largest forest counties in Guizhou province. It grows hundreds of species such as pine, cedar, cypress, maple, ginkgo, Cinnamomum camphora and silver fir trees, and naturally provides abundant materials for building bar houses in the Shui nationality area. Therefore, wooden structure bar column type buildings are everywhere in the water mountain area.