Two thousand and seventeen No. 02 December
Visit the Yin Ping village of Qingchuan, Sichuan, and appreciate the unique charm of characteristic rural tourism.
Editor: YG电竞 New Farmers


Peach blossoms, pear blossoms, rape flowers and hundred flowers show spring. The Yin Ping Village in spring is particularly conspicuous in the flower regiment. In March 23rd, the national network media gathering group of "beautiful Sichuan, Sichuan Road and flower fragrance" entered the Yin Ping village of Qingxi Town, Qingchuan County, and visited the small mountain village surrounded by flowers in spring.

It is known that Yin Ping village is named as an important rural tourism demonstration village in Qingchuan county because of the Three Gorges' Deng Yin's illegal crossing and Yin Ping ancient road crossing the border. It has been selected as the national civilized village, the ecological culture village, the ecological civilization demonstration village and the Sichuan civilized village, the rural tourism demonstration village, the new rural construction pilot village and the ten best health village.


Yin Ping Village, based on ecological resources, historical culture and local customs, adheres to the idea of developing rural tourism characterized by "eating farm food, living in farmhouses, doing farm work and enjoying farmhouse enjoyment", and refining and integrating resources elements such as mountains, water, fields, forests, and literature to highlight the characteristics of rural tourism characterized by "original, comfortable, and humane". With the implementation of the project of "one household, one garden, one family, one industry", every household in Yin Ping village has small gardens, small vegetable gardens and small orchards, and houses, pavilions, woods and gardens are mutually interesting. Nowadays, the development of rural tourism has begun to take shape. Ecotourism has become an important starting point for the construction of the pillar industry of the Yin Ping Village and the construction of a new countryside.