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Chengzi Village in Yunnan: a beautiful village integrating Yi and Han Cultures
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Chengzi Village is located in Yongning Township, 25 kilometers away from Luxi County. This is an exquisite architectural complex with the integration of Yi and Han cultures, and a castle built on the stairs, which shows the wisdom of the ancient people and the harmony between Yi and Han.


Picturesque scenery

It is said that Chengzi Village is a beautiful castle built on the stairs. Such a description is reasonable. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, visitors can go directly from the farmyard at the foot of the mountain to the last farmhouse on the top of the mountain. The walking process is the process of climbing stone steps and climbing stairs. This is a beautiful village where families are connected and the Yi and Han people live in harmony. At the entrance of the village, many elderly people are sitting on the stone steps, some chatting, some holding a video player playing folk songs. The old people's faces are full of happy smiles. The old people are not so much enjoying the warmth of the winter sun as they are enjoying a happy life.

People in the city feel different every time. This time, there have been new changes in the village. There are farmhouse, Inn and two tour guides. In the parking lot at the head of the village, there are tour buses and self driving cars of various types; tourists carrying cameras can be seen everywhere in the village, and they are wearing around in the farmyard and roof. For tourists, everything in Chengzi Village is full of freshness and beauty. A dog at the farmer's gate, a rooster crowing on the roof, and the villagers leading buffalo home are all the objects photographers capture.

In the eyes of tourists, the most distinctive feature of Chengzi Village is that under the eaves, on the walls, and on the door heads, there are golden grains everywhere, as well as fortress style granaries on the roof. Standing on the roof, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. The scenery and objects of Chengzi Village are a beautiful scenery line in the hearts of tourists. It's too late to leave. Gao Liping, from Kunming, excitedly told reporters: "I have visited many places in and outside the province, but beautiful villages with characteristics like Chengzi Village are still rare."


Earth Palm House

In fact, the real charm of Chengzi Village is not only the external beauty of visual art. As long as you enter the farmyard, you will find that the traditional architecture of "family connected, household connected" is its charm. The village is like a labyrinth when the door of one family leads to the door of another.

According to legend, the Yi ancestors of Chengzi Village lived a primitive life of living in caves and perching on branches in Feihuang mountain. Later, in order to change the living conditions of the villagers, a young man from the Yi family in the village cut down 666 chestnut trees and 999 clay trees in the mountains, and built walls with soil. The walls were lined with wood, covered with sticks and grass, and then covered with soil. The soil was sprinkled with water, and then compacted with stones. In this way, the Yi People's earth storehouses (tuzhangfang), which are connected from left to right and connected from top to bottom, were built on the slope of Feihuang. People live in solid and safe earth palm houses, which are warm in winter and cool in summer. They don't have to worry about the attack of wind and rain and the invasion of wild animals.

Liu Honggang, director of Chengzi ancient village protection and development management committee, said: "with the changes of the times, the structural style of tuzhangfang in Chengzi ancient village has been constantly improved. In particular, the architectural style of" ang Tusi Fu "in Ming Dynasty and" jiangjundi "in Qing Dynasty not only maintains the flat roof characteristics of tuzhangfang, but also integrates the architectural art of Carving Dragons and Phoenix in quadrangle halls of Han nationality, forming Yi nationality The unique architectural style of the combination of Han Dynasty and Han Dynasty has important artistic value and historical value. The village Party committee is preparing to build a beautiful village center and the water body is increasing.