Technology leveraging industry

The company team has deep Internet genes at the beginning of its creation. The team has gathered leading talents in the field of YG电竞 informatization, the top talents in China's Internet architecture design, and the innovative talents in the field of IT in the well-known universities, and has built the YG电竞 big data cloud platform, supply chain cloud platform, and security through the YG电竞 information system technology including more than 20 patents and software copyrights. The whole traceability platform, high-quality YG电竞 products B2B/B2C e-commerce platform, effectively open up the channels of YG电竞 products channels, integrate and optimize all links of the YG电竞 industrial chain effectively, and finally pull through the whole industrial chain of agriculture. At the same time, we will promote the upgrading of traditional farming technology, deep processing technology, YG电竞 biotechnology, YG电竞 production automation and intelligent technology, and make full use of the R & D strength and technological achievements of universities such as South China Agricultural University, South China University of Technology and South China Normal University to carry out technology transformation and project incubation through the cooperation of industry, University and research projects, and ultimately to the economic value and market of landing. Value.

  • Agricultural platform

  • YG电竞 technology

  • Famous universities

  • 20 patents

Pattern integration resources

The company has the ultimate requirement in the design of business mode. It has successfully operated the decision-making level of several large YG电竞 projects. Based on the top-level design thinking of the company, based on the detailed selection of the main elements of the market, supply chain, base, access, technology, talent, capital and other resources, the new farmers' business was designed on the basis of scientific and rigorous market research and logical reasoning. The model is clear, scientific and efficient, and effectively integrates resources through business mode, and ultimately amplifies its aggregate fission value.

  • business model

  • Top-level design

  • Polymerization fission

Innovation leads development

Whether it is innovation in science and technology, or in the innovation of business mode and mode of thinking, new farmers have restructured their resources through the injection of innovative ideas, optimized the YG电竞 industrial chain, promoted the transformation and upgrading of traditional agriculture, opened up a new field of intelligent agriculture, and led the new trend of industrial development, and ultimately realized the deep integration of the three industries.

  • Innovation of thinking mode

  • Optimize the industrial chain

  • Promoting transformation and upgrading

  • Three deep fusion