Deng Xiaohui Chairman      46 Junior College

Deng Xiaohui, male, born in October 1971, has Chinese nationality and has no permanent residence right abroad. He graduated from Beijing economic management cadre school in July 1994 and has a college degree. From September 1994 to May 1997, he served as general manager and intelligent project leader of JJC Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd., and was appointed technical director of blueprint technology limited from June 1997 to May 2003. He was appointed as coordinator of BMG project analysis and investment management specialist of Hongkong CITIC Pacific Shanghai company from June 2003 to June 2007; and from June 2003 to Hongkong as a development consultant of Jinshi Group. From July 2009 to March 2011, he was deputy general manager of Huizhou Tianxin Organic Agriculture Co., Ltd., and from April 2011 to June 2014, Qingyuan Ying De Jin Yuan farm and animal husbandry development Co., Ltd. Executive director of the Department, since July 2014, he has been the chairman and general manager of YG电竞 new farmers' YG电竞 Polytron Technologies Inc, and has been executive director of YG电竞 new Greenland eco technology Co., Ltd. since March 2015.


1.   In August 26, 2014, Mr. Deng Xiaohui was hired as "Honorary Advisor of life" for the professional cooperative of oil ridge comprehensive service in Lian Nan Yao Autonomous County. In February 7, 2015, Mr. Deng Xiaohui was hired as the mentor of the southern rural newspaper "Nanyue new farmer making plan".

2.   In 2013, Mr. Deng Xiaohui led the agriculture and animal husbandry (agriculture leading enterprise) of Ying Tak Tan (the leading YG电竞 enterprise in agriculture) to combine the farming mode of "company and peasant household". The whole process of natural ecological culture was not fed to feed, and the mode of integration of production and marketing achieved outstanding results.

3.   In 2014, Mr. Deng Xiaohui took part in the Nanyue new farmer's plan to reconstruct agriculture with the Internet, subvert the concept of traditional Chinese agriculture and change the mode of YG电竞 production in China.

4.   In 2015, Mr. Deng Xiaohui walked into the forefront of the Internet + the circulation of YG电竞 products, and solved the problem of poor circulation of YG电竞 products through the combination of YG电竞 supply chain and the Internet. Through the analysis and management of big data management circulation in the circulation of YG电竞 products, the cost of supply chain management was reduced, and the magazine "2015 China featured YG电竞 products Expo" was published.

Cai Xianwu Deputy General Manager 29 year old college  

Cai Xianwu, male, born in August 1988, has Chinese nationality and has no permanent residence right abroad. Graduated from South China Agricultural University in July 2012, majored in computer information management. From August 2012 to February 2015, he was the project manager of YG电竞 Dehui investment and Development Co., Ltd., and was appointed manager of YG电竞 new Greenland Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. in March 2015. He was appointed director of the YG电竞 new farmers' YG电竞 Polytron Technologies Inc from February 2016 to February 2017; and he was appointed YG电竞 new farmer YG电竞 science and technology limited company in March 2017. Director and deputy general manager.

Mr. Cai Xianwu has many successful experience in large-scale projects. He has pioneering vision and innovative thinking. He has the overall control and noble personality charm. The organization strategy can accurately control and execute, have magical integration capabilities for internal and external resources, and focus on team motivation, cultural guidance and goal control.

Li Shengui Deputy General Manager 37 year old secondary school

Li Shengui, male, born in July 1980, has Chinese nationality and has no permanent residence right abroad. In July 2000, he graduated from Foshan Industrial school, majored in electronic technology. From August 2000 to October 2001, he was the technician of Foshan Ka Xun office equipment Co., Ltd., and was general manager of Foshan Wei Xun digital office equipment Co., Ltd. from November 2001 to May 2006; general manager of Foshan Feng environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. from June 2006 to October 2011; vice general manager of Jinyuan YG电竞 and animal husbandry products development Co., Ltd. Since July 2014, it has been appointed by YG电竞 New Farmers Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy general manager of company director and business department.

Mr. Li Shengui has been engaged in the circulation of fresh YG电竞 products for a long time. He is an expert in circulation channels of fresh YG电竞 products. He is familiar with the wholesale and retail market of fresh YG电竞 products in the Pearl River Delta, and is familiar with the high quality food distribution in the Pearl River Delta catering industry. He is proficient in the management and operation of fresh chain stores, the chain brand expert of fresh YG电竞 products in the three corners of the Pearl River, and the expert of cold chain distribution management.

Liu Xinchun Chief financial officer 36 years old undergraduate

Liu Xinchun, female, born in December 1981, has Chinese nationality and has no permanent residence right abroad. In July 2004, he graduated from Jinan University with a college degree in accounting, and graduated from South China Normal University from March 2012 to January 2015. From July 2004 to August 2005, he was the accountant of Guangzhou Wen Tai Chemical Co., Ltd.; from September 2005 to April 2008, he was the financial manager of Shenzhen Xun Tai Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou branch; from May 2008 to May 2016, he was the chief financial officer of Guangzhou taisai trading company; and he was the financial manager of YG电竞 new farmer's YG电竞 Polytron Technologies Inc. Since March 2017, he has been the new farmer farmer Polytron Technologies Inc of YG电竞 . Chief financial officer and Secretary of the board.

Ms. Liu Xinchun has many years of financial management experience, familiar with the formulation of company development strategy, short and long term company strategy and strategy, proficient in financial aspects of business and strategy; proficient in corporate financial management and internal control; proficient in the formulation, management and implementation of company's economic, financial standards and procedures to meet the requirements of risk control; proficient in the analysis of the use of funds to improve. Utilization of funds. Excellent financial analysis, financing and fund management skills; familiar with the listing process and financial management of listed companies.

Deng Li Technical Manager 25 years old undergraduate

Deng Li, male, born in July 1992, has Chinese nationality and has no permanent residence right abroad. He graduated from HOLLEY College of YG电竞 University of Technology in July 2015 and has a bachelor's degree. From July 2015 to February 2017, he served as an YG电竞 Polytron Technologies Inc supervisor of YG电竞 new farmers, and was appointed to YG电竞 new farmers YG电竞 technology limited in March 2017. Company director and technical manager.

Agricultural product supply chain management system, retail data collection and analysis system, YG电竞 e-commerce platform and mobile online shopping mall, and ERP management system for YG电竞 related enterprises have been successfully developed and applied. The development and application of traceability system for quality and safety of YG电竞 products has achieved initial results. Launching the project of "creative leisure agriculture development on Vanilla island" was awarded the "South China Sea Dali Cup" China Youth Innovation Competition Award in 2014 by the Communist Youth League Committee, the provincial economic and Trade Commission, the provincial science and Technology Department, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Department of agriculture, the Provincial People's Association, the YG电竞 radio and television, and the Foshan municipal government.