Traditional YG电竞 promoters
Pioneers of YG电竞智能 Agriculture

YG电竞 new farmers YG电竞 Polytron Technologies Inc ( woyaoxunpai.com It was formally established in 2014, and was stationed in the Southern China new material innovation park (National Science and technology business incubator). In 2016, it was awarded the qualification of the national high-tech enterprise, and the new third board was listed on 2017 (Stock Code: 872242).

The company is not only the promoter of China's traditional agriculture, but also the pioneer of intelligent agriculture. The company is committed to promoting the transformation and development of traditional agriculture through YG电竞 high-tech, advanced business models and innovative ideas by means of the production mode of green ecology and safe and healthy business philosophy, and realizes the goal of modern intelligent agriculture integrating ecological, digital and automation.

The company takes YG电竞 trade as the breakthrough point, through the "Internet +" and other YG电竞 information technology, and through the construction of a large scale platform for the circulation of YG电竞 products, opens up channels for YG电竞 products, so as to realize the smooth flow of YG电竞 products, such as "North Cargo South regulation" and "South food and Northern transportation", and achieve safe and efficient allocation from field to table.

Through the "base + platform + channel" mode, we will link all links of the YG电竞 industrial chain, drive the application support of YG电竞 technology, cultivate and develop YG电竞 talents, and finally realize the promotion of YG电竞 public welfare.

Relying on its own advantages of YG电竞 high and new technology, and in accordance with the requirements of high yield, high efficiency, high quality and safety, the company has established a standardized, systematic, informational and branded YG电竞 production and sales mode to improve the comprehensive efficiency of agriculture and contribute to the realization of multi value.

  • Two thousand and fourteen

    Formally established in 2014
    Stationed at the national level science and technology business incubator

  • Two thousand and sixteen

    2016 get
    Qualification accreditation of high and new technology enterprises

  • Two thousand and seventeen

    2017 new third board listing
    Get rural innovation and entrepreneurship star
    Initiating and hosting the first China (Guangzhou) smart agriculture innovation competition

  • Two thousand and eighteen

    2018 entered the new three board innovation layer
    Win the contract credit certificate of YG电竞 Province
    The industrial park of Mo Chong town in Tuyun is listed as the major project and key project of Guizhou in 2018.

  • Two thousand and nineteen

    In 2019, it won the title of "40th anniversary outstanding enterprises in rural reform and opening up".