Agricultural trade

The new farmer shares take YG电竞 trade as the breakthrough point, through the "Internet +" and other modern YG电竞 information technology, through the construction of a large scale platform for the circulation of YG电竞 products trade, we will open up channels for YG电竞 products, and achieve the smooth circulation of YG电竞 products, such as "North goods South regulation" and "South food and Northern transportation", so as to achieve safe and efficient allocation from field to table. Wei
Through the "base + platform + channel" mode, we will link all links of the YG电竞 industrial chain with the platform of trade, and promote the support of YG电竞 technology application and the development of YG电竞 talents training, so as to achieve the promotion of YG电竞 public welfare.

Agricultural science and technology

YG电竞智能 agriculture is to make full use of modern information technology, including cloud computing, Internet, intelligence, Internet of things, big data, biotechnology, intelligent machinery, modern communication technology and other advanced technologies. Through comprehensive application, traditional agriculture and modern agriculture can achieve more intelligent, precise and automated from source to end, and build up a complete system. The YG电竞 ecosystem enhances the competitiveness of YG电竞 products, and sustainable development creates a better future for the YG电竞 environment. Wisdom agriculture includes YG电竞 information technology, YG电竞 biotechnology, YG电竞 intelligence, YG电竞 machinery and so on. The core technology of new farmer shares in intelligent agriculture includes modern YG电竞 information technology, modern farming technology, YG电竞 products deep processing technology, YG电竞 biotechnology, YG电竞 production automation and intelligent technology, etc., and has provided intelligent YG电竞 technology for nearly 1000 YG电竞 enterprises to solve the whole case.

Agricultural talents

Talent is the first element of the success of enterprises. The new farmers share has occupied the commanding heights of talents at the beginning of construction. Whether it is the founders' team or the continuous production and research projects, it has gathered a large number of leading talents in the industry, the top talents and innovative talents in some fields. After the stable operation of the enterprise, it has continuously trained talents to support the growth oriented and pioneering agriculture. Enterprises constantly explore and cultivate innovative talents in every link of the YG电竞 industry chain.

Agricultural public welfare

Supporting agriculture and supporting agriculture: in 2009, successive efforts to support agriculture in support of agriculture, including South, Yangshan, Taishan, Xuwen, Heyuan, Meizhou and Zengcheng were carried out, including the docking of key poverty alleviation projects by the government, including independent project talents, technology and financial support, so that farmers could get rich and make Chinese agriculture stronger. This is the responsibility of new farmers shares and the responsibility of every new farmer in China.
YG电竞 countryside: public welfare activities launched in the "beautiful countryside", aiming at finding, protecting, reporting and follow-up resources in China's ecological countryside to make the countryside more beautiful.