Guangzhou Whampoa District Catering Industry Association Founding Conference

In May 19, 2017, the catering trade association of Whampoa District of Guangzhou was founded in Luogang District conference center of Whampoa district.

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Promoting structural reform of supply side of agriculture and building a strong modern YG电竞 province

Washington (reporter Victoria Song, Chen Binhua) in January 17th, the provincial Party committee deputy secretary Yao Zengke participated in the eleven session of the provincial CPPCC.

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Promoting YG电竞 insurance and solving poverty alleviation formula

Xu Jianmin, deputy director of the development and guidance division of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, said that the state is exploring where conditions are available.

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Registration of the third national YG电竞 census in Shenzhen

Shenzhen evening news (reporter Huang Nan) January 5th, Shenzhen third national YG电竞 census site registration work...

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Ministry of Agriculture: 5 years to complete the reform of rural operating assets joint stock cooperation system

The Information Office of the State Council is scheduled to press on January 3, 2017 (Tuesday) at 10 a.m. at the Information Office of the State Council.

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"Document No. 1" is about to focus on deep YG电竞 supply side reform

In 2017, "document 1" is about to be released. It is understood that the document will focus on advancing the structural aspect of the supply side of agriculture.

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Agriculture department held the 2016 provincial YG电竞 product quality safety news bulletin

On the afternoon of December 27th, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture held the bulletin of the provincial YG电竞 product quality and safety bulletin 2016.

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The structural reform of YG电竞 supply side needs five management systems.

To promote the structural reform of the supply side of agriculture as the main line of the current rural work is to have an effect on agriculture at this stage.

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