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"Money row three China Li" industry becomes the way to get rich for fruit farmers
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Recently, the central agriculture and television channel of the central broadcasting and television station (CCTV-17), "who knows the plate of Chinese food" column, has entered the Qian Pai town of Xinyi, the first town of Sanhua Li in China.

Over the years, "Qian Pai" and "Sanhua Li" have become well-known terms. Qian Pai is a town in Xinyi, Maoming, western YG电竞 Province. Sanhua Li is a famous local specialty. Every household in the town is widely planted and managed by heart. Its specialization and prosperity can be described as "Li Xing Bai Ye, Li Li Fu Wan Jia". In 2019, more than 1.2 households in the countryside, Sanhua Li earned the highest income of more than 800 thousand yuan, and the income of farmers with income of 400 thousand ~70 yuan exceeded 100 households, with more than 1000 households earning more than 100 thousand yuan.

Why does a mountainous town become a well known "industry star"? Of course, in addition to the right place and time, there are also related to the hard work of fruit growers. Yesterday, the reporter walked into Qian Pai Town, and made some exploration on the local Sanhua Lee industry development.

The price of "early" is higher.

The early bird catches the worm, and the plum price that comes earlier is higher. This is the marketing fact of the fruit market.

When summer arrived, the Sanhua Lee Trading Market in Qian Pai town was already in full swing. Local fruit growers said that this year the plum bulk listing came earlier than in previous years. It was fully advanced for a month. In the past, it was mass picking after "mango". Now, the "summer" season is mass listing. In the early May, only a small selection was picked in early May. Now it can be picked and picked up at the end of February.

"Not only this year, but last year and the year before last." Introduction of fruit farmers, in the morning, the city has become the "trump card" for money to pave the market for three Chinese Li. "In the morning, the price is several times higher than the peak time." The fruit growers, for example, had almost no grade before fruit was sold in bulk, and the purchase price at the same level was more than 10 yuan per catty, sometimes even as high as nearly 20 yuan per catty. At the peak of the product listing, the original fruit of 10 yuan a Jin could only sell 3~5 yuan a Jin.

"At this time, my orchard has not yet been picked. At this time of the year, the income of my plum is nearly 40 thousand yuan." Chen Tianfu, a fruit grower, said: "fruit growers will be able to get the fruits listed in advance in batches by pruning the flower control technology, so that they can avoid the trouble caused by the product getting together and listing, which not only increases incomes, but also expands consumer groups and consumer markets, and also reduces the labor intensity of picking up fruit growers."

"Big" is good for profit.

Large refers to the single fruit shape weight beyond the general. Qian Pai Sanhua Plum sales are roughly divided into three grades: small fruit, medium fruit and big fruit. Generally, a single weight of less than 25 grams is regarded as a small fruit. 50 grams or more of it is regarded as a big fruit. Three levels of fruit, the purchase price is very different, large fruit generally as a gift consumption, the price is more than 3 times smaller fruit, and often the market "rush goods", in short supply.

Local fruit growers, last year and this year, the purchase price of local Sanhua Lee is basically 3 yuan to 5 yuan per catty per fruit, 6 yuan to 8 yuan per catty, 10 to 18 yuan per catty, in the past, the proportion of small, medium and large fruit was roughly 3:5:2, in recent years, the approximate ratio was 2:5:3, and the output of medium and large fruits increased significantly, and the profits were considerable.

"In the past, fruit growers could not afford to prune, and the more branches they had, the better their incomes would be. But the high yield is not equal to a bumper harvest. In recent years, the fruit growers have grasped the pruning, pruning and early thinning in the quasi time period to reduce the amount of fruit hanging to increase the large amount of fruit. Fruit grower Deng Jinlan said.

Staggering listed electricity providers boosted

In recent years, under the joint efforts of the local Party committee and government, the town has succeeded in creating a series of measures such as "Celebrating fame and vitality, promoting the popularity of agriculture and tourism, improving the quality of technical training, extending the industrial chain, and enhancing the efficiency of the electricity supplier", and successfully built the brand of "three silver shoes" and "spring flowers and summer fruits", and made the money row and the fragrance of the four seas and eight sides. Guests smell fragrant.

In order to improve the quality of fruit, many local experts have been invited to teach experience in recent years, and to mobilize fruit growers to actively explore prevention and control of diseases and insect pests of fruit trees. Under the guidance of experts, they should master how to control flowers and fruits, how to accurately grasp the time points for implementing various management links, how to produce large fruits, and how to regulate products' early listing in batches. In recent years, the local Sanhua Plum has been divided into several batches ahead of schedule, which is the successful application of the technology of pruning and controlling flowers.

In recent ten years, Qian Pai Sanhua Li has been awarded the "Gold Award" in the national quality evaluation of plum products besides being selected as "the ten best fruits in south of the Five Ridges".



Source: Guangzhou daily