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Careful management of celery is important.
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Celery usually includes celery, celery, celery and other vegetables. Celery is an important leafy vegetable in spring in Beijing. Because of its high yield per unit area, simple management and labor-saving, the producers love planting. Because of its rich mineral, vitamin and volatile aromatic oil, celery has a special smell that can stimulate appetite and is loved by consumers. Spring is sufficient and the temperature is rising quickly. It is very suitable for celery growth in the early stage. The main consumption objects of celery are school canteens, catering enterprises and families. The school and catering industry are affected by the epidemic, and most of them are not restored to normal state. The total consumption of celery is affected. The transportation of celery and celery is normal, and the number of celery in the wholesale market is increasing. Under such circumstances, it is particularly important for the production enterprises, parks, cooperatives and large production households to do well in post harvest management of celery. The Beijing YG电竞 technology extension station puts forward the following guiding opinions for reference only.

Timely harvest is recommended: spring is sufficient, temperature rises quickly, temperature difference between day and night is large, it is very suitable for celery growth. Individual growth is faster at the later stage of growth. Producers should adjust the harvest standard in time according to the new market changes in the epidemic prevention and control period, considering factors such as output and price. When the market supply is insufficient, we should give full play to the advantages of the real estate market early, so as to ensure the supply of the market and get the profits in advance. The celery harvest period is short, should avoid late harvest, fiber increase, quality decline, sales are not timely and the risk of rotting in the ground. Celery production is high and sales pressure is high. Epidemic prevention and control should be the focus of post harvest work.

Pay attention to commodity: the common requirements of celery are petioles green or light green, shiny, fresh leaves, crisp quality, and less fiber. The celery and common celery collected during this season had great changes in temperature during growing season, while celery was a long day crop with vernalization at low temperature, and vernalization appeared easily in early spring. Producers should judge whether vernalization is completed according to the temperature change and the size of green body after seedling raising. To achieve the vernalization standard, it is necessary to collect early and avoid the economic losses caused by the loss of commercial property due to bolting. In order to reduce the problem of excessive temperature, lack of water and insufficient nutrition, there will be more fiber, hollow and lower quality. When the light is sufficient, the temperature is too high and the nutrients are insufficient, the temperature of the small environment should be reduced by adding fertilizer and increasing the frequency of small water irrigation. Large celery and non hollow common celery varieties should also pay attention to the hollow problem frequently. If there are signs of hollow, they should be collected ahead of time. Parsley is more popular with consumers because of its strong fragrance, good quality and good commodity. According to the sales channels and purposes, we should choose suitable varieties and control the harvest maturity by pre harvest water control, determine the reasonable harvest time, and ensure the commercialization of celery.

Scientific pre cooling: after harvest in mid May, celery and celery have higher temperature. The production base can rapidly reduce the temperature of vegetables by pre cooling, thereby prolonging the freshness of celery. Without pre cooling equipment, on the one hand, the temperature of vegetable body should be reduced as much as possible by adjusting the harvest time. On the other hand, shelf life should be shortened, and the quality of celery should be guaranteed through fast mining and quick sale.

Flexible application of fresh keeping technology: celery is suitable for storage in cold storage at 0-2 90%-95% and humidity. The water content of celery is high and the price is decreasing. The product is not suitable for long-term storage. Celery has good storability and long storage life. Ordinary celery and parsley with a concentrated harvest period can be extended by short term storage. After celery dehydration, the fiber is increased and the quality is reduced. After harvest, it can be prevented by using film covering and increasing environmental humidity.

Reasonable use of packaging: reasonable packaging should be chosen according to the sales channels and distribution methods. Celery can be wrapped, wrapped, packed and bagged by plastic wrap. Proper packaging of celery and parsley should be based on the principle of avoiding breaking of stems and leaves and reducing mechanical damage.

The method of household storage is proper: the temperature of refrigerators in household refrigerators is generally 2-6 degrees celery, and celery is suitable for storage in refrigerators. After the leaves and leaves of celery were dehydrated, their leaves became yellow, fiber increased and their quality decreased. During the storage of celery, plastic wrap and fresh-keeping bags can be used to prevent water loss.


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