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Making export orders vegetables into "home cooking".
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The picture shows that the processing workshop is cleaning carrots.

Recently, in the warehouse of Xiaojiang vegetable cooperatives in Qinhuangdao, Hebei, workers are loading a carton of carrots into trucks. These carrots will be sent to Il, Cusick, Ulan and Chita cities in Manchuria port, which takes about 3 days to transfer to the local market for sale. In addition to Russia, the carrot of cooperatives is also sent to countries and regions such as Korea and Vietnam. This year, the cooperative has more than 1000 tons of export orders for carrots.

Xiao Da, director of Xiaojiang cuisine society, is a standard "mountain baby". In those days, he was anxious about the foreign debts of 60 thousand yuan, but now he has become the leader of the cooperative. The cooperative planting area expanded from the initial 200 mu to 530 mu, not only increasing production and income, but also realizing the transformation from the pursuit of output to the increase of quality. How did Wu Da fight this beautiful battle?


   Forming a complete industrial chain


In 1996, Wu Da began to distribute vegetables to his hotel with his aunt. Then he followed his sister to sell vegetables in the morning market. During those days, he sold ice cream, sent mutton slices, and sold detergent. In his words, not only did not earn money, but also owed a debt.

"When I was 24 years old, I paid 60 thousand yuan on foreign debt. At the most difficult time, I wanted to sell blood in the past. Wu Da told reporters. By chance, Wu has learned that the carrot planting industry in Yongqing County of Hebei province has the advantages of storage and transportation, and price stability. After careful consideration, he decided to go all out.

In 2006, Wu Da bought for the cheap carrot in autumn. After selling the Spring Festival, he earned the first pot of gold, about 800 thousand yuan.

Wu Da for this "small workshop" annual profit is considerable, however, for him, development has faced a bottleneck. He decided to abandon this "small workshop" and take out all his savings and set up the Xiaojiang restaurant in Qinhuangdao.

"Cooperatives are farmers. If the leader has no strategic goals, no tactics, no ideas and no planning, the team is a mob. " Wu Da Wei said.

In the course of development, Xiaojiang Cuisine Association eventually developed into an industrial mode of "cooperative + company + base + peasant household" by continuously optimizing product mix, improving product quality, enhancing comprehensive efficiency and market competitiveness.

Cooperatives are specifically responsible for the acquisition, storage, processing and sale of YG电竞 products. Next, we will be responsible for technology development and promotion by a technology company solely established by the cooperative. The base is responsible for the display of new technologies, new varieties and new equipment.

"The base is about the introduction of varieties and the innovation of planting patterns. We should popularize fertilizer reduction, biological bacterial manure and soil improvement. In short, the most advanced green production mode should be promoted to improve the quality of vegetables. Wu Da Wei said. Nowadays, the vegetables of cooperatives have gone out of the country, which is the recognition of the quality of vegetables.

At present, there are 115 members of Xiaojiang Cuisine Association, which uniformly transfer land by cooperatives and operate independently by farmers. Every year, according to the market supply and demand, Xiaojiang Cuisine Association instruct cooperative farmers to carry out the adjustment of planting structure and implement the "five unification" in the planting area, that is: provide seeds uniformly, carry out technical guidance, supply chemical fertilizers and pesticides uniformly, unify packaging and reclaim products uniformly, and provide technical support to farmers around the world.

Under the guidance of cooperatives, local farmers have got rid of the traditional extensive planting mode and embarked on the road of modern YG电竞 production and operation.


   Transformation and upgrading of traditional YG电竞 products


Funing District of Qinhuangdao has a history of ginger growing for nearly 40 years. Because of mild climate, spring is dry and rainy, hot and warm in summer, cool and sunny in autumn, suitable for ginger cultivation.

In 2015, he found Wu Da Wei in the district. He hoped that he could build the exchange and cooperation platform of Funing ginger industry chain with the idea and experience of Xiaojiang Cuisine Association, and set up Funing ginger industry association to promote the healthy development of ginger industry.

Wu Da divides the ginger industry chain into production terminals, sales terminals, storage terminals and service providers. Where problems arise, we have to make up for them. Let the whole industrial chain continue to improve, make up for the short board at the same time, and promote the continuous upgrading of the whole ginger industry. Wu said: "as long as the ginger industry can be upgraded, it will not be a problem for farmers to increase their income."

"We do not exceed the standard of Funing's ginger farmers, and 70% of the ginger is exported to Japan and other Southeast Asian countries and regions." Wu Da Wei said, "we helped the government register the geographical indications of Funing ginger, and assumed the standardization of Hebei provincial quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, so that the people could jointly promote Funing ginger according to the standards."

In addition, there is another problem to be solved, that is, the planting structure, any crop has the problem of continuous cropping. "Through practice, we use ginger and onion or scallion, plus carrot to form a rotation structure." Wu Da Wei said.

"In the future, we have to compete with ginger in Shandong. Without competition, there will be no development. In competition, we can find short boards. In competition, we can promote transformation and upgrading. Wu Da believes that his entrepreneurial career is developed in competition and must be studied and promoted in the competition.

The main business of cooperatives is to run carrots. In the course of operation, we are also increasing other incidental varieties, which can also share the risk of planting. " In the warehouse of Xiaojiang cuisine society, Wu Da said.


   Drive more than 5000 small farmers to increase income


"I think we can do anything if we have ideals, beliefs, pursuits, willing to lean down and do solid work." Wu Da Wei said.

Under the leadership of Xiaojiang cuisine society, many farmers have got rid of the problem of "having land but not knowing what to plant".

Guo Min, a villager in the village of Du Zhai village in Funing District, has over 150 mu of land transferred. The crops that are just beginning to grow are rather messy, and the planting management techniques are limited. "Since 2017, standardized cultivation has been carried out through the directional supply with Xiaojiang Vegetable Association. In 2019, carrot harvest has been bumper harvest, and mu yield has reached 1 Jin Jin, which has improved the quality and quality of crops." Guo Min said, now the sales channels have been guaranteed, and the income has increased a lot.

Villager Hui Fang, a villager in the village of Funing Town, loves to grow rich through his love for the land. The Xiaojiang cuisine society will rent some of the land from the planting area to her, and provide seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other YG电竞 materials and YG电竞 technology services to help her improve the planting management techniques.

"In 2018, I planted 20 mu of ginger and carrot, yielding 12 thousand jin per mu, with a total income of 180 thousand yuan, which is much better than going out to work." Hui Fang, who was busy picking up in the carrot field, introduced.

Under the guidance of Wu Da Wei, Xiaojiang food agency broke out a way of cooperation with farmers through cooperative ways, such as joint order, and so on, so as to realize the benefit sharing, and set up a supply base of four seasons fresh vegetables covering 11 provinces and cities such as Fujian and Shandong, and achieved inter provincial and municipal cooperation, inter regional services, and increased the income of more than 5000 farmers in the whole country.

Industry experts said that in order to establish the international discourse power of quality agriculture, we must have the idea of developing agriculture by science and technology and improve the quality of crop products to international standards.

Xiaojiang Cuisine Association has won the favor of domestic and foreign markets with scientific and standardized management and strict standards for the quality of YG电竞 products. In 2016, the Xiaojiang cuisine agency sold 60 million tons of vegetables and sold them to Russia, South Korea, Dubai and Vietnam.



Source: Farmers Daily