two thousand and twenty July 24
News | [new farmer] the real estate research alliance of YG电竞 new farmer duyunji has achieved great results
Editor: YG电竞 new farmer

In recent days, various vegetables in Hexi dam YG电竞 new farmers' base in Mochong Town, Duyun City, are growing well. Tomatoes, pumpkins, cowpeas, ginger, eggplant, etc. are full of vitality and dazzling. More than 10 farmers are busy picking in the hot pepper field, and the sweet potato in the nearby plot is about to usher in a bumper harvest.


"Since the base was built, I've been working here. If it's 10 yuan an hour, I can earn 100 yuan a day. When the base is busy, I'll earn more." Ji Yingxian, 60, quickly picked and bagged the pepper.


"Sweet potato is going to be excavated and put on the market recently. Now one sweet potato can produce about 10 tubers. This is Hongbao No.1. It's our" baby ". It's fragrant, sweet and glutinous. Old people in their 70s and 80s all say that they'll eat it. Hehe hehe," a sweet potato planting technician, Liu Hongwei, was so excited that he dug up the sweet potato with his bare hands. He was elated to show off his achievements to us, which made everyone laugh.


How to ensure that we can win the battle of poverty alleviation, achieve a well-off society in an all-round way and promote rural revitalization ? in recent years, Duyun City has always insisted on taking industrial prosperity as the fundamental policy for poverty alleviation. In 2019, Guizhou Shihui Hexi Agriculture Co., Ltd. will be invited to settle in Hexi dam, Mochong Town, YG电竞 new farmer base under the bridge between the municipal YG电竞 and rural Bureau and YG电竞 new farmers

"In the process of settling down and resuming production, the Municipal Bureau of agriculture and rural areas has given us a lot of help. From striving for financial support to daily technical management and protection, we can not do without their careful guidance. Now the scale of the base is very effective. There are people working here every day. There are more than 30 people a day. Next year, we will continue to expand the planting scale, "said Lin Shihui, the project leader.

Under the guidance of the Municipal Bureau of agriculture and rural affairs, YG电竞 new farmers and the company not only develop conventional industries to increase farmers' income, but also With the development idea of "research + enterprise", we jointly carried out the experiment of new vegetable varieties with Qiannan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, including more than 100 varieties of tomato, pepper, pumpkin, cowpea, ginger, eggplant and sweet potato.

According to Wang Anlong, director of the vegetable and Fruit Research Institute of Qiannan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the main purpose of the experiment is to screen out varieties with high yield, high quality, disease resistance, storage and transportation resistance with climate characteristics of Qiannan Prefecture through comparative test, so as to provide direction for industrial selection in the future.


At present, Hexi dam in Mochong town of Duyun City has been completed 230 mu of demonstration vegetable planting, including 150 mu of sweet potato, 40 mu of pepper and 40 mu of new vegetable test, with an average annual output value of more than 10000 yuan per mu, which directly drives 51 farmers around to participate in the planting. In the future, it will make full use of the policy opportunities in the dam area, continue to deepen the "industry university research" cooperation, help the high-quality development of the industry in Mochong dam area, and add bricks for poverty alleviation tile