Two thousand and twenty 04, 28
YG电竞 will control 500 thousand mu of Chrysanthemum in this year.
Editor: YG电竞 New Farmers

In April 27th, the seminar on prevention and control of MI chamomile was held in Yangjiang, YG电竞 . The meeting was attended by Provincial People's Congress, CPPCC members and experts' representatives. The reporter learned from the YG电竞 forestry bureau that in the past 2016-2019 years, the total area of the control area was 2 million 358 thousand and 800 mu, and the area of 500 thousand acres of forestry prevention and control work will be implemented in 2020.

It is understood that in the late 80s of last century, MI chamju was invaded from Hongkong to Shenzhen, and it was transmitted quickly by natural factors such as traffic, airflow, water flow and birds. By the end of 2019, 101 counties (cities and districts) in 20 prefecture level or above cities except Shaoguan had been distributed in abandoned farmland, orchard, new woodland, loss of management, landscaping, construction land, slope protection along the traffic line, greening area, highways, entrances and exits, service areas, ditches, rivers, reservoirs, wetlands and other surrounding areas. The area is 618 thousand and 800 mu.

In order to do well in the prevention and control of camomile, the YG电竞 Provincial Forestry Bureau has slowed down the spread and spread of the epidemic across the province by carrying out the monitoring and investigation of empress chamomile, increasing the intensity of prevention and control, and strengthening the prevention and control of propaganda. Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Dongguan and other places have achieved harmful and no disaster targets. However, the spread and spread of chamomile is not effectively curbed, and the harmful area is increasing year by year. One of the main reasons is that with the rapid development of infrastructure construction and logistics, the spread and diffusion of chamomile chamomile and the ecological barrier have been broken. Two, the grass-roots prevention and control management system is not perfect. More than half of the grass-roots forestry has been withdrawn in the institutional reform, the professional posts have been adjusted, the ability of scientific prevention and control has been weakened, and it is difficult to supervise and manage according to law. The three is the large gap in prevention and control. At present, we need to prevent and cure areas with a wide range of diseases, and relapse easily after prevention and cure. We need to repeat the prevention and control in one area to ensure the effectiveness. Four, most of the grass-roots governments were not aware of the seriousness of the harm and the necessity of prevention and control. Forestry, agriculture, water conservancy, construction and other departments have long been managed, and no resultant force has been formed.

The meeting called for all localities and departments to further improve their political standing, to implement the supervision of people's congresses and CPPCC committees at all levels in the construction of forestry ecological civilization, to integrate the suggestions of the NPC deputies and CPPCC members with the key forestry work, and to persist in taking the proposal as an opportunity to carry out the task of preventing and controlling specific jobs. The revised "forest law" further compacted the responsibility of all levels of government and relevant departments to prevent and control measures, and implemented measures to solve problems such as insufficient understanding, insufficient investment, inadequate responsibility, imperfect system, and low willingness to control the masses. The formation of prevention and control efforts, and resolutely curb the spread of Wei Ju Ju momentum.


   The newly revised forest law has made the major forestry pest control work one of the top government's examination contents for the lower level government, and has made public assessment results. The meeting called for all localities to establish and improve the major forestry pest control command and coordination agencies, improve the Department's prevention and control coordination mechanism, and implement the "government led, departmental cooperation and mass participation", "who runs and who controls", and strengthen regional cooperation between YG电竞 , Guangxi, YG电竞 , Jiangxi and the inter city and county regions in the province. Kikubo Ji formed the situation of combining mass protection with mass protection. In particular, it is necessary to clarify the main body and responsibilities of the urban suburban areas, waste wasteland, idle land, and the waterfront forest area. At present, the forestry system has been integrated through local financial projects and agriculture related funds, and the implementation of fiscal investment has reached about 58000000 yuan, and the prevention and control work in 2020 has been steadily promoted. The Forestry Department of the whole province will set up the system of "prevention and control notice of time limit", combine with afforestation and tending, timely carry out the ecological landscape forest belt, new woodland, and key forestry ecological location prevention and control action.

Source: Southern rural newspaper